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Election Manifesto 2017



North East India Development Party (NEIDP) is born out of the aspirations and expectations of the people of Manipur and the entire North Eastern region who have been denied their rightful due in terms of development from all angles. The fact that some seven lakh youth remain unemployed as on date is indicative of the degree of no development in Manipur. NEIDP is committed to usher in a new era in the history of Manipur by constructing an egalitarian, inclusive, secular, democratic and cultural-pluralist society based on the Gandhian perspective. NEIDP is dedicated to the values and ideals of Gandhiji. It is dedicated to the task of building a prosperous and peaceful Manipur drawing inspiration from our rich heritage and the noble traditions of our elders. In other words NEIDP’s ideology is to foster democracy in all its dimensions, economic, political, social and cultural which NEIDP is determined to deliver by learning from our ancient history and the freedom struggle within the Gandhian framework.

The main stream political party which has enjoying power and authority most of the time after independence has failed to wipe out poverty, unemployment, ill health, illiteracy leading to the current sorry state of affairs faced by the people of Manipur.

NEIDP believes in providing to the society leaders whose ideal is integrity in public and in private life, whose ambition is to use their high authority for improving the conditions of the common man, whose patriotism is above temptation of any kind and is not prostituted for perverse ends and personal gain. This is not an easy task but all long journeys begin with the first step.

NEIDP is pledged to the establishment of maximum welfare for all with Government playing the role of a facilitator friendly to the people. NEIDP stands for social justice and removal of disparities of opportunity and equitably distributed welfare. NEIDP wants to create a society with a political government powerful in its legitimate domain and minimal elsewhere. NEIDP dedicates itself to the concept of national identity and a nationalist ideology embodied in an implementable agenda.


NEIDP in all humility asks for a mandate to give the state of Manipur a government responsive to the people and respectful to the country’s constitution and democratic freedoms and institutions.

NEIDP’s programme and agenda for the people are as follows.

  1. NEIDP shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India and will strictly adhere to the basic features of the Constitution in terms of :
    • The supremacy of the Constitution
    • Secular character of the Constitution
    • Federalism of the Constitution
    • Sovereign Democratic and Republican character of the Constitution
  2. It shall strive hard for upholding the political, social and economic rights for development of Manipur within the boundaries of the Indian Constitution.
  3. It shall fight within the legal boundaries for the upliftment of the marginalized sections of the society in the entire Manipur which includes scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, minorities and other backward classes.
  4. It shall also fight for the legitimate rights of the upper class and the privileged sections of the society in respect of their constitutional rights.The party shall strive hard to maintain balance so that the development of the community is inclusive irrespective of caste, colour and creed.
  5. It shall encourage building up a casteless India.
  6. It shall encourage educating the masses on the equality of the religions and fostering equal respect for the theology of all religions.
  7. It shall promote peace and harmony across the multi ethnic,multi-religious,multi-cultural communities based on justice.
  8. It shall encourage restructuring education system and including the basic precepts of all religions to promote truthfulness, courage and austerity.
  9. It shall give equal opportunity to all people of Manipur in all spheres of life.
  10. It shall work tirelessly for the upliftment of Manipuri women and protect them in all respects including harassment at work place and ensure stringent punishment for those found guilty of sexual harassment and domestic violence.
  11. It shall ensure the rights, dignity and security of workers across in Manipur and prevent their exploitation.
  12. It shall strive hard to prevent trafficking of women and children.
  13. It shall enact strong legislations to check female foetcide and infanticide.
  14. It shall promote economic empowerment of rural poor women.
  15. It shall accord minimum 33% reservation to women in the legislatures and ensure proportionate representation for all communities.
  16. It shall strive to enforce equal wages for equal work for both women and men in Manipur.
  17. It shall promote small and cottage industry and provide interest free loans for the farmers.
  18. It shall ensure minimum support price for agricultural produce to the farmers and promote agri produce co-operatives for better marketing of the produce.
  19. It shall treat water as a National and common resource and stop privatization or sale of water bodies like river, tanks, ponds etc.
  20. It shall fight tooth and nail against all forces, terrorists and insurgents that work against the Nation and pose danger to the unity and integrity of Manipur and the Nation.
  21. It shall guarantee life with dignity, freedom from fear of violence and peaceful coexistence.
  22. It shall promote friendly relationship with neighbouring countries.
  23. It shall safeguard and take effective measures to prevent starvation deaths, farmers and traditional workers and artisans committing suicide, deaths of malnourished children and women particularly in rural areas.
  24. It shall enact laws to promote food security and protect food sovereignty through comprehensive farmer/ landless peasants / agricultural workers centric agrarian reforms.
  25. It shall make the public distribution system a transparent and well functioning system to provide food security to the weaker sections of the society.
  26. It shall protect common persons from arbitrary arrest and illegal detention and being subjected to torture and inhuman treatment.
  27. It shall fight through peaceful means for repealing The Armed Forces (special powers) Act in the state of Manipur as well as in some of the other North Eastern states.
  28. It shall ensure right to free expression, association, assembly and democratic dissent.
  29. It shall provide free and compulsory elementary education till the age of 14 to all and establish a mechanism to assess quality of education.
  30. It shall work hard for removal of Adult Illiteracy.
  31. It shall promote vocationalisation of the higher secondary level of education and vocational training to special institutions by offering multiple skills to provide manpower for economic growth and for production of new technologies.
  32. It shall ensure the economic security and well being of the teachers by doubling of teacher’s salaries. The party believes that without quality teachers it will not be possible to improve the educational system.
  33. It shall ensure quality and affordable health to all with special focus on rural areas women and children.
  34. It shall revitalize primary health centres, establish good hospitals in the rural areas to provide health care at affordable cost.
  35. It shall ensure correction of the existing gross short comings in our health care delivery system.
  36. It shall give equal priority to promote indigenous and traditional health care system and provide financial and institutional support for research in this area.
  37. As most of the diseases faced are water-borne it shall ensure safe drinking water to all.
  38. It shall provide low cost housing to the marginalized sections of the society.
  39. It shall promote industrial development of non- polluting industries in the state of Manipur.
  40. It shall support liberalization of the economy and privatization. NEIDP pledges itself to the cause of deepening, widening and broadening the vistas and processes of globalization, liberalization and privatization with focus on maximization of production, employment and exports.
  41. NEIDP shall strive hard to induce investments in Manipur that promote employment, to modernize agriculture, to encourage efficient small industries and to encourage grass-roots capitalism to improve the lives of rural and urban poor.
  42. NEIDP shall provide an appropriate legal, regulatory and administrative framework for ensuring a smooth and accelerated flow of private investment in the state of Manipur.
  43. NEIDP shall strive hard for transformation of the rural economy by according industry status to agriculture.
  44. It shall promote transparency and accountability in governance.
  45. It shall strengthen independent vigilant bodies at every governing structure to stop corruption.
  46. It shall conduct periodic social audit of the various government departments and private companies as a public-private exercise.
  47. It shall fight to remove the mandate of political criminals and criminal politicians from Manipur.
  48. It shall promote “Neta-Centric” political environment to “People-Centric” by promoting the concept of primary elections by which the winner of the primary election shall become the party’s nominee for a particular constituency. This step by the party shall remove the current competitive sycophancy and money which are the most important factors in determination of nominations and distribution of tickets.
  49. It shall restore the Police Administration from subverted corrupt recruitment, plethora of laws and criminal-politician axis.
  50. It shall ruthlessly suppress gangsterism, terrorism and fundamentalism and establish the rule of law.
  51. It shall revamp the intelligence system through application of modern technology.
  52. It shall promote academic and research institutions for carrying out studies in criminology, police and forensic science in Manipur.
  53. It shall take steps to computerize criminal record history for prevention and control of crimes.
  54. It shall promote organic farming in the state of Manipur.
  55. It shall strictly implement the environment protection laws.
  56. It shall take committed steps to uphold, preserve and promote the age old traditions, customs and rich cultural heritage of different ethnic communities in the state of Manipur.
  57. It shall promote and exchange cultural delegations amongst the Seven Sisters.
  58. It shall work for the welfare of the people of all the North Eastern states. The dictum “All are Equal shall apply to one and all.”
  59. It shall encourage preservation of indigenous people and their culture with the view to glorify the theme of unity in diversity in India.
  60. It shall promote festivals, cultural events, get togethers that promote social interaction based on equality.
  61. It shall strive to enhances trading regulations of the region.
  62. It shall promote Public Transport and Connectivity in the Region.
  63. It shall take steps to promote International Economic studies and language at University level.
  64. It shall promote Eco-Tourism in the Region.


NEIDP would like to dedicate itself to the people of Manipur by addressing local and specific issues concerning the people at all levels. It assures the people of Manipur that the election manifesto will be implemented with sincerity and commitment.