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NEIDP - A Regional Political Party


NORTH EAST INDIA DEVELOPMENT PARTY (NEIDP), a Political Party takes birth on this day of 23rd December 2015 at Sagolband Tera LoukrakpamLeikai, Imphal West, Manipur.

Cradle amidst hilly wilds the North Eastern tip of our country is an ideal description of a Mini-India in all it’s true pluralistic, multi­lingual and multi-racial character. North East region is the house to more than 200 tribal and non-tribal groups living together in an area of 2,54,956 sq. kms. Braving several odds.

The aim of NEIDP is to serve the people of North East India based on Gandhian values and Ideals. It is dedicated to the task of building a democratic and corruption free North East region drawing inspiration from our rich heritage and the noble traditions of our struggle for independence. In other words the basic ideology of NEIDP is to foster democracy in all it’s dimensions, economic, political, social and cultural. This has to be done by learning from our ancient history and the freedom struggle within the Gandhian frame work.

To put it more clear NEIDP will work within the framework of the Constitution of our country to bring development peace and harmony in all the seven sisters. NEIDP can also do everything possible to bring the seven sisters much more closer to the National main stream and shall work hand in hand with various others states of our country and convince them that North Eastern states are ideal investment destinations for setting up of non-polluting industries, agricultural projects, food processing projects and tourism projects.

NEIDP shall work for self-reliance of North Eastern states and shall demand in a democratic manner rightful share for her people in Central Govt. Jobs. NEIDP shall also work closely with the Central Govt. for the development of the North Eastern states.

As the name of the Party itself indicates we are a party with specific development agenda based on the various problems, ground realities and other local issues in all the seven states. Such development agenda shall be inclusive and shall be aimed at bringing peace, prosperity and economic well being for her people.

NEIDP assures the people of North East that it would work tirelessly to integrate the entire North East with the national main stream and will do everything possible to foster peace and harmony amongst all sections of the society in perfect alignment with the secular ideology, federalism and supremacy of our Constitution.

It will ensure transparency and accountability in governance and will work for the establishment of minimum government and maximum welfare for all.

NEIDP stands for social justice and removal of disparities of opportunities. It wants to create a “SMART Society” with a political Government in the entire North East powerful in it’s legitimate domain and minimal elsewhere.